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  1. nicoledougherty

    My Wahlbergii

    My L3 Wahlbergii
  2. nicoledougherty

    Spiderwebs Swarms the countrysides of Australia

    Anyone seen anything like this before?
  3. nicoledougherty

    New Idolo stopped eating!

    Help!! My Idolo is so restless and hungry but for some reason it's not able to get the flies it's striking at. It was successful just up until two days ago. Dont know what the change is. I tried feeding a worm with a toothpick but she/he wont have any of it. Also tried hanging a worm from the...
  4. nicoledougherty

    Is it possible to take your mantis on a plane?

    I don't have anyone to take care of my 8 month old tweezer fed chinese mantis. Is it possible to carry him in a compact cage in a carry on without anyone really knowing? Would he make it? Back and forth? Is this illegal? (and crazy?)
  5. nicoledougherty

    Is my Mantis squating on me??

    I have a 6 month old male Chinese mantis that likes to squat on my husbands hand. Is this a mating behavior? It almost seems like he likes the feeling of the warmth it gives on his belly. After a while he will put his head down as if he is totally relaxed! My husband said he does not feel any...
  6. nicoledougherty


    Hi I'm new here and own Rudolph who I believe is a Chinese Mantis. He was hatched from an egg case last Summer in June. He's been eating and molting like a happy healthy fellow although ever since his first molt I recognized that he had one claw smaller than the other. He is now into his 6th or...