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  1. Orin

    Scorpion stung

    I've been bitten by some monster centipedes but so far never by a scorpion. The worst so far was by a Polistes wasp under my nose between the nostrils. Had a yellow jacket nest in the basement and cemented the outside, spent weeks sweeping up them as they flew around the basement and only one...
  2. Orin

    Is wild catching avoided in the mantid hobby?

    If you leave the female out in a screen cage you may find a male or two nearby at night/ early morning.
  3. Orin

    Orange winged Theopropus

    Don't they always have orange wings?
  4. Orin

    Pill millipedes

    Sphaerotheriid pills just always die, you could blame a company for carrying them but if you really want to see them they're like cut flowers. People don't bad talk flower shops usually.
  5. Orin


    I saw your post a while ago but I don't know the name of the company I got mine from (they were at a show).
  6. Orin

    Hello again from Wisconsin

    You picked an expert species to start with, too bad someone didn't get you to buy ghosts.
  7. Orin

    Hello from Buffalo

    Welcome! Those are both relatively straightforward to rear to maturity though the female orchids are a little more difficult because of size.
  8. Orin

    Hi from england

    Welcome! If you have the molting surface on the top (screen under or part of lid) smaller cages are big enough, but if molting surfaces are lower (low twigs) bigger cages can be too small. I raised Oxyopsis in 16 oz. deli with screen lid (about 7 cm high). A few species don't molt well hanging...
  9. Orin

    Leaving the hobby

    I thought he meant lepers, just wanting to help the less fortunate.
  10. Orin

    Leaving the hobby

    Lepidopteran - giant silk moths, butterflies, etc.
  11. Orin

    Pill millipedes

    I placed two orders and was not unhappy, but maybe I don't expect as much as others do.
  12. Orin

    Pill millipedes

    They have some really neat Zephronia siamensis labeled as Hyleoglomeris and some Hyleoglomeris labeled as Hyleoglomeris. My bank account took a hit.
  13. Orin

    help with giant millipedes!

    They can stay under for months if molting and long periods if not. Most veggies aren't really a huge motivator, try a piece of watermelon or cantaloupe.
  14. Orin

    Is wild catching avoided in the mantid hobby?

    I think with tarantulas if you take an adult female she may be 10 or 20 years old and eventually as old females are taken it will depress the population (assuming there's any natural habitat available) but with mantids, they're seasonal so the oldest female you'll find is 3-6 months of age and...
  15. Orin

    Leaving the hobby

    Nothing wrong with leps.
  16. Orin

    Y'all Are Weird

    Children really like bugs, maybe the elderly too.
  17. Orin

    A concern about forum staffing

    FB killed the forums because these cost money and time but on FB anybody can make their own forum with zero cost and time. This happened in the past and the free version eventually started charging after they killed everything paid.
  18. Orin

    A concern about forum staffing

    Please do not respond to inappropriate content. Just report it.
  19. Orin

    What is the fastest breeding cockroach?

    I'm not overly upset by the joke, but I was pointing out not everybody finds ignorant cockroach jokes hilarious. Very few cockroaches can survive in human dwellings. As to your question I've not let go anything on purpose or accident so I would not know. I imagine tropical species of various...
  20. Orin

    What is the fastest breeding cockroach?

    That is a patently false statement that is only funny to ignorant insect haters.