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Found 13 results

  1. From the album: Phyllovates chlorophaea

    Vates is blending in like the mistress of disguise that she is!

    © MantidBro

  2. From the album: Phyllovates chlorophaea

    She molted last night! A perfect specimen! I love how green the wings are, while the rest of her is brownish.

    © Alexander White

  3. I took a slew of pics the other day, and here are some of one of the sub-adult females by herself. Phyllovates chlorophaea sub-adult female (December 2009) Close-up I took some "creative lighting" shots of this same female, which I will post in the next entry.
  4. When I stand in the center of my bug room at certain times of the day (when it's light out) and face the window, I can get a silhouette type effect in my photos. Here are some pics of the same sub-adult female in the last entry that I took this way. I like the effect for something a little different. Phyllovates chlorophaea sub-adult female (December 2009)
  5. I've lost count now of how many generations of Phyllovates chlorophaea I've bred, but I think it's either 3 or 4 now. This is one of my very favorite species, and right now I plan to continue breeding them indefinitely, if possible. They have been a hardy and very successful species for me so far. Currently, I have adults and almost all instars (except L1 and L2's). There are 6 adult females, some of which might be fertile (don't know yet), and some of which did not have a chance to be with a male yet. The males are scare for me right now. It seems they aren't as many that reach adulth
  6. I really do love this species. Right now I have several stages from L2 to adults, plus ooths. This has been a hardy and relatively easy species to breed for me. The only problem I've encountered is mostly with the males... not enough (compared to the number of their female companions), and they don't last very long comparitively. This species is fairly communal up to a point... and that point comes during mating. The adult sexes can live peaceably together for a while; but eventually the males either get eaten or just die. They seem very fragile and skittish, don't eat much, and if they
  7. I wrote up a little informational thing of my observations on this species that I thought I'd post in here in case anyone might find it helpful. I'm also including part of an answer I wrote to someone who recently asked me about a molting problem with this species. Just observations from my experience with them... Phyllovates chlorophaea These are about my favorite of all the mantis species I've kept thus far. They really aren't a hard species, and are pretty hardy if conditions are right. The ooths require no diapause and have been taking an average of 41 days from laying to hatching,
  8. First and only time I've seen a threat display from this species. Poor Brandi... she was afraid of a mealworm! Close-up of previous pic Isn't she a beautiful girl! A sub-adult shed Their eyes always remind me of a patchwork quilt!
  9. Quasimodo, my mis-molted L4 P. chlorophaea (Texas Unicorn) nymph has been a real trooper in learning to accept the D. hydei fruit flies I give on the head of a pin. At first, he was scared of, and shied away from forceps, the pin, or my hand. But he's getting used to it now and even seems to be getting an attitude about it! The last couple of meals I fed him, he readily took to eating. But instead of letting me hold it for him he insisted on pulling the fruit fly off of the pin so he could "do it himself." It's funny too, as he throws both forearms up in the air as if he's in a "surrender
  10. When I got home this evening, it was quite a shock when I looked in the S. carolina Critter Keeper and saw about 10-12 newborn nymphs running around! I thought the ooth was all finished hatching yesterday... luckily I closed the lid! I immediately took them out and reunited them with their other siblings in the new container. What a nice surprise after losing so many yesterday. The S. carolina adult female is on her last breaths tonight. She can't stand up, and just when I thought she had already gone, I gently shook her container and her front legs convulsed. She'll be gone by morning,
  11. Lost 2 Shield nymphs, one yesterday and one the day before. One had a bad molt... looked like it's back end was damaged and it was stuck to an artificial leaf by the fluids coming out. He was still alive, but obviously not going to make it... so I fed the poor little guy to one of my Giant Asian nymphs. Looked like he enjoyed him. The other nymph was already dead of unknown causes. I almost thought he'd disappeared or escaped at first, as I couldn't find him! Finally I spotted him, or what was left of him... not much, on the bottom of the container. There was a small cricket in there wi
  12. My very first hatching from an ooth occured last night (11/23/2008). It was a Phyllovates chlorophaea that was laid on 10/20/2008. I missed the actual hatching (darn!), but you should have seen my face when I saw all of the little babies in there! I count 16-17, and I'm soooo very excited! I've also already learned they're incredibly easier to count in a photo, versus trying to count the little buggers when they're all constantly running around! Just in time too... I just got my mantid room (the spare bedroom) set up the night before last and the mantids moved in to it. But I didn't pu
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