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Found 23 results

  1. From the album: Happy Mantis

    Idolomantis diabolica adult male shows his fabulous pearly whites.

    © Mantis Monarch

  2. From the album: Happy Mantis

    M.binotata adult female smiles big for the camera

    © Mantis Monarch

  3. From the album: Happy Mantis

    Phyllocrania paradoxa adult female shows some teeth

    © Mantis Monarch

  4. From the album: Happy Mantis

    Miomantis binotata (African Pinstripe Mantis) adult female smiles big for the camera

    © Mantis Monarch

  5. From the album: Happy Mantis

    Stagmomantis carolina (Carolina Mantis) adult female shows us her chompers

    © Mantis Monarch

  6. From the album: My Mantids

    Should I call her Betty White, cause she's a golden girl!

    © Mantis Monarch 2016

  7. From the album: My Mantids

    This is the first ooth of the season, she's already laid two more. Lots of others have laid ooths as well. There should be plenty of ghost nymphs for anyone who wants some.

    © MantisMonarch 2016

  8. From the album: Idolomantis diabolica

    My girl is lookin' beautiful!

    © MantidBro

  9. From the album: Idolomantis diabolica

    The male molted and he made it! I'm stoked. Now I have an adult male and an adult female, which molted about a week apart. Couldn't have worked out better.

    © Alexander White AKA MantidBro

  10. From the album: Idolomantis diabolica

    So glad that she made it. I've wanted to own an adult Idolo for years.

    © MantidBro

  11. From the album: My Mantids

    This is one of the most beautiful mantids I have, coincidentally she's the most crippled mantis I have. As she was molting to adult, she fell and landed on her raptors and they sustained all the damage. But she's fine, she can do anything as good as any other mantis...but I baby her either way.

    © Mantis Monarch 2015

  12. From the album: My Mantids

    This is Indira's eldest son, who just molted into an adult. One of his favorite places to be is on your hand, he's really sweet just like his mother.

    © Mantis Monarch 2015

  13. SkittishMale


    From the album: European Mantids (Mantis religiosa)

    "Giles", one of my adult males posing on a fence.
  14. From the album: European Mantids (Mantis religiosa)

    "Dani", one of my adult females posed on the side of my house. In this picture, the patterning on the European Mantid's forearm is clearly visible.
  15. From the album: Other Mantids

    This is an adult female Dead Leaf Mantis (Deroplatys spp.) I photographed this year at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory in Ontario, Canada.
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