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Found 25 results

  1. From the album: Happy Mantis

    Deroplatys lobata (Dead Leaf Mantis) sub-adult male shows off his presidential smile.

    © Mantis Monarch

  2. From the album: 2016 Calendar

    adult female

    © Mantis Monarch 2015

  3. From the album: Calendar Submissions

    Frodo was the second among the pair to molt. His/her color has changed to a light grey/brown. Bilbo is still dark brown at L3.
  4. From the album: Calendar Submissions

    One of my L2s cleaning its foot. I could not tell them apart at this stage, so they did not yet have names.
  5. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    Mismolt proof, but more natural and fun for them. I put the stick vertical so theyll climb up it rather than try to molt from it. They seem to prefer molting upside down rather than vertically. To keep the sticks still, I put them through the netted coverings. On the floor of their containers is soil, moss, a rock and a leaf. Then I cut out appropriately sized backgrounds (from old nature calendars) and taped them to the back.

    © Alexander White

  6. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    Tried again, still wont eat them! I even put one right in front of her. Its one with funky legs but can still grab on with them. It will be fixed with the next molt.

    © mantidbro

  7. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    Bonding time!

    © mantidbro

  8. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    Adult female She needs to lay that ooth!!

    © MantidBro

  9. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    It takes 1-3 hours to feed them and about 30 minutes to hydrate them

    © alexander white

  10. MantidBro

    L2 platysil

    From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    © Alexander white

  11. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    derotor turned out to be male, hes at L5 currently, i got these fellas from aryia :-)

    © Alexander white

  12. From the album: Deroplatys lobata

    so cute

    © alexander white

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