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Found 11 results

  1. My last entry dealt with the growing nymphs from October's loose hatchout in the bug room. But the big escape of this past week was another Hierodula membranacea ooth... oh boy, lol. I did catch it in mid-hatch, so it could have been a far worse circus than it was. But I've been finding renegade nymphs every day now again. Some I capture and put in with their siblings in a net cage. But they're wily little devils, and don't want to give up their freedom that easily. And there are lots of places to run to and hide in the bug room. I did succeed in rounding up the majority of them... the r
  2. L4/5 Hierodula membranacea renegade nymphs from an October hatch growing up in the bug room. Stalking a fly on a net cage... On the wood trim... Molting from the curtain... On top of a net cage... The fruit fly catching jars are a favorite hangout! Caught one! On the pencil (chopstick) holder... Never know where or when you'll see one next... they're all over, hehe.
  3. Lots of things have been going on in the bug room this past week, one of which was another loose hatchout of Giant Asian nymphs. I'm a notorious procrastinator, and I consistently have ooths just sitting around on a shelf that I need to hang in rearing cages. I've been caught I don't know how many times now with ooths hatching out loose in the bug room. Some of the past species that have hatched like this have been Tenodera sinensis, Hierodula membranacea (these two species were the "worst" that produced countless numbers of freewheeling nymphs all over the bug room ); also Phyllovates
  4. I'm a procrastinator at heart. It shows in most everything I do, and it got me again yesterday when a boatload of little Hierodula membranacea nymphs hatched out all over the bug room. I spent a little over an hour trying to corral as many as possible into a net cage. After that, I pretty much gave up. There are still renegade stragglers at every turn it seems. But instead of trying to catch them all, I'm trying to ignore the fact that they should be in a cage and am letting most of them run amok wherever they want. I'm even brushing and blowing them off of things I'm handling, as I'd
  5. It was a big shock to see only leg pieces of the Giant Asian male when I looked into his container. I thought he only had bb flies in there with him. But when I shook the container, a large female cricket came out from hiding in the cover of the flowers. I don't know why it died or if the cricket killed him? He was pretty large... L5. Maybe he was in the process of molting and the cricket took advantage of it? But I didn't see any traces of a skin anywhere. I really didn't expect this at all. Here are some pics of him a little while back when I fed him a mis-molted Shield nymph. H
  6. One of the little B. mendica L2 nymphs died. He was somehow stuck to the container lid. I don't think I smashed him though, so I don't know what happened to cause him to die and become stuck there. At least I saw him. I think I need to put them in a container with some excelsior instead of flowers... can't find them all in the flowers. Who knows... as of right now a couple more could have died and I don't even know about it. Little boogers are great at hiding. They don't like willingly hopping onto the chopstick either like most other nymphs do. They run away from it! Will have to d
  7. Yesterday, the smaller of the two Hierodula membranacea nymphs caught up in size to the other one finally, and molted to L5. Took them both out and took pics of them today on my artificial grasses. I'd been thinking they might both be males. But looking at the closeup pics I just took... I'm pretty sure now that I have a male and a female! It was the male that just molted. Took some pics of them too... Here's one of the female taken a few days ago. She'd caught a cricket and a bluebottle fly at the same time! As a proud parent, of course I had to grab the camera and take a few pics!
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