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Found 17 results

  1. From the album: tehPie

    Having a snack
  2. sally

    xmasbugs 021

    From the album: phyllocrania paradoxa, creobroter pictipennis,hymenopus coronatus, and deroplatys lobata

    alice the orchard getting big eating her honey dipped flies, ghost after successful molt (my first) and the cutest creos ever!
  3. It's been almost a month now since I updated the status of my Hymenopus coronatus. The males are all adult, and have been for several weeks. The females are at pre-sub and sub-adult, with most molting to sub this past week. I'm having a bit of a food shortage (delays in shipping of house flies and eclosing of BB's) this week. But I'm pleased to find that all of the females fairly easily took to hand feeding them cut up roaches with forceps. I've been getting the adult males by on fruit flies, and I sure wish I had abundant larger flies right now. I could sure use them! Pre-sub Hymenopus coronatus (December 2009)
  4. It must be the time of maturation for several species grown from ooths for me. My first Hymenopus coronatus male molted to adult 2 days ago. Since then, 2 more have followed suit. They sure are cute little guys... little being the key word, compared to what I'm imagining the females are going be. I've separated all the females into individual cups and put them nearer the heat lamp; while separating out about half of the males from the 12x12 net cage into individual cups across the room from the heat lamp. The rest of the males I am going to keep together for now just to see how it goes. Hopefully there will be little or no cannibalism since removing the females. All are taking Blue Bottle flies now, and have been for some time. These seemingly delicate little guys and gals have no qualms about snatching the big flying meals and holding them fast. I'm hoping the females catch up to the males with no problem, as I sure would like to make good on the opportunity Cosmicbug has given me to raise and hopefully breed this species successfully. Here is one of the three recently molted to adult males. Hymenopus coronatus adult male (December 2009) Close-up of previous pic. I love seeing the wing pattern, markings, and almost transparency of the outer edges of the thorax.
  5. These little boogies sure do change color and overall appearance with every molt thus far! They molted to L3 at the end of October (late getting pics up), and are looking more like little mimics of their adult version at this stage. I'm still keeping the whole lot in a 12x12 net cage, and haven't observed any cannibalism yet. They are eating houseflies, and I discovered yesterday that they can even take on blue bottles at this stage! Amazing!! I'm wondering when I'll start seeing cannibalism... and dreading having to seperate them all, lol. But I really would like to breed this species, and thus it will eventually come to it. Hymenopus coronatus L3 (October 2009)
  6. My Hymenopus coronatus ooth (thanks, Cosmic!! ) hatched out recently, yielding approximately 30-35 nymphs. It's amazing how they are a dark vivid red and black at L1! The color change from L1 to adult is absolutely mind boggling. Close-up I caught them molting to L2. Not a great shot, especially since the one molting isn't in focus. But it's interesting to catch him, the L1 beside him to the left, an already molted to L2 boogie at the far left, and a couple of shed skins... all in the same shot. Doesn't this little one look saucy and proud of his new orange and white exoskeleton. I love his green eyes too! Little booger!! Gotta clean that new exterior!
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