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  1. From the album: My Mantids

    This is one of the most beautiful mantids I have, coincidentally she's the most crippled mantis I have. As she was molting to adult, she fell and landed on her raptors and they sustained all the damage. But she's fine, she can do anything as good as any other mantis...but I baby her either way.

    © Mantis Monarch 2015

  2. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    I had attached Creatura to her last night and when I woke up, I saw Hexadic was laying an ootheca! Woops. Its infertile.

    © Alexander White

  3. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    its the weirdest ootheca. its infertile, she is hard to breed, shes far too sensitive to touch. and the male thats attached is just horrible at mating lol

    © Alexander White

  4. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    Haha I love dogs but I was making a joke about the movie, Marley and Me. Creatura is an adult male Parasphendale agrionina. I very rarely take photos of myself with my animals, I thought I'd take one.

    © Alexander White

  5. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    They were attached for 12 hours but mated for 9. I fell asleep as they were mating and when I woke up they were still mating, then a few hours later I checked on them again and Monstrum was at the bottom of the cage, he'd jumped or flown off. Vegrandis was easy. Admirabilis wasn't as easy, but not as hard as Hexadic. Hexadic won't even stand for it. I'm not sure I'll even be able to breed her.

    © Alexander White

  6. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    I've been incubating this one for the past 3-4 weeks. It can take up to 4-6 weeks for them to hatch (when providing heat) so it should be quite soon. I'll be selling nymphs. Each time I hatch oothecae, I separate each nymph and feed/hydrate them separately which takes A LOT of work and takes up many hours of my time but it's worth it, I'd never be able to let them all die. This is Monstrum and Vegrandis'.

    © Alexander White

  7. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    Creatura had a mismolt but it got fixed with the next molt

    © Alexander White

  8. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    She was the only one to get sick. She was always the runt. After the other females reached adulthood she was still three molts behind and never ate much. She began puking and died shortly after.

    © Alexander White

  9. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    she's always been very reactive

    © Alexander White

  10. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    I was amazed that the entire leg grew back in one molt, I thought it would be more gradual, but he actually had a small leg. By the time he was an adult, you never would have guessed he'd ever lost one.

    © Alexander White

  11. From the album: Parasphendale agrionina

    Youngling died getting stuck in her skin on her last molt, I was asleep when it happened

    © Alexander White

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