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  1. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    She's 6 months old now. She's laid 4 oothecae. They're infertile but it's still cool.

    © Alexander White

  2. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Males can fly and indeed he does, so he needs a leash if he's gonna go outside. I don't like denying them the pleasure so I figured I'd give him a leash rather than stop taking him out.

    © Alexander White

  3. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Look at those eyes! Incredible!

    © Alexander White

  4. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    The first time two of my mantids reached adulthood. I stopped feeding all of my mantids crickets and now practically all of them are making it to adulthood without any issues. And one's male, one's female. Been trying to breed them. Here you can see the physical differences between an adult male and an adult female. The female is above the male.

    © Alexander White

  5. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    "Gor-Tok" means "gorging".

    © Alexander White

  6. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Also known as the "Narrow-winged mantis".

    © Alexander White

  7. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Freakin' awesome colors.

    © Alexander White

  8. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    When she first was introduced to Morta, the male Tenodera angustipennis. I figured I should start getting them used to each other.

    © Alexander White

  9. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    L7 here.

    © Alexander White

  10. MantidBro

    L6 Gor-Tok

    From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    At L6 here.

    © Alexander White

  11. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    I like this shot.

    © Alexander White

  12. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    I loved his position. Glad I was able to catch it on camera in time. And there you can see his little orange dot, showing that he is indeed a T. angustipennis. Morta is not a girl's name, as much as it sounds like one. "Morta" just means "cute".

    © Alexander White

  13. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Here you can see the dot. It is too dark to be the same yellow of the sinensis, which is quite a dull yellow. It's a bit harder to tell that the dot is dark because of the green color surrounding it - not much of a contrast in colors. Sinensis spot on chest: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/Tenodera_sinensis_yellow_spot.JPG Angustipennis spot on chest: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3190/2886907971_6339a07643_z.jpg?zz=1

    © Alexander White

  14. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Segments. The last two appear to be more merged. So it looks like it'd gonna turn out to be 6 segments. Female. Makes sense considering how much s/he eats (and the size, this is the only one of the nymphs to reach L5 so far, and was always one of the biggest).

    © Alexander White

  15. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Gor-Tok totally looks like an alien, here.

    © Alexander White

  16. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Her current size as an L5.

    © Alexander White

  17. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    Standing upright. Love when they do that.

    © Alexander White

  18. From the album: Tenodera angustipennis

    This is my favorite photo of her by far.

    © Alexander White

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