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Nov 9, 2016
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Hey all, I have a couple of odds and ends I’m looking to clear out to make room for other breeding projects. Stock is as follows;

L3 Orchids

L3/4 H Majuscula

D Truncata Breeding group (3 sub/pre sub males 1 adulr female)

D Dessicata L4/5 female 

Parablepharis Kuhlii Sub Adult

PM for a full price list and/or trade offers. First come first serve

USA ONLY. Shipping depends on your zipcode and will be either usps express or usps priority. 

TOS; live arrival is guaranteed regardless of which shipping option is used. However, I cannot take responsibility for things such as carrier delays. LAG is only guaranteed for temps above 45F and below 90F. If your temps are above or below those, then LAG is only guaranteed with express. In the event of an unlikely but still possible DOA, replacements of similar or equal value will be sent based on my discretion(customer pays shipping regardless with the exception of a trade). Store credit is also offerred and can be used at any given time, however it does not account for shipping charges. Last but not least....SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE!! For further questions or interest please shoot me a PM. Thank you for looking  :)  



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