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FEEDER and PET Roaches, Beetles, Isopods & More!


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Dec 14, 2013
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Idaho, U.S.A.
Here are the species that I currently have for sale, please read all of the Terms & Conditions before ordering! Minimum $30 order!


Aglaopteryx gemma "Key Largo, FL" (Little Gem Roach)
10 Mixed nymphs: $25

Arenivaga bolliana "Del Rio, TX" (Dark Form) (Boll's Dark Sand Roach)
10 Small nymphs: $25

Arenivaga tonkawa "San Antonio, TX" (Tonkawa Sand Roach)
8 Small nymphs: $20

Balta vilis (Plain Yellow Roach)
10 Mixed: $20
25 Mixed: $30
50 Mixed: $45

Compsodes schwarzi (Schwarz's Hooded Roach)
25 Mixed: $20
50 Mixed: $35
100 Mixed: $60
200 Mixed: $100

Dipteretrum hanstroemi (Hanström's Little Runners)
10 Small nymphs: $20

Epilamprinae sp. "Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia" (Borneo Leaf Mimic)
10 Mixed nymphs: $25

Eucorydia yasumatsui (Sapphire Flower Roach)
10 Small nymphs: $125

Euthlastoblatta diaphana (Transparent Belle Roach)
8 Small nymphs: $25

Gromphadorhina portentosa "LLE Mahogany" (Mahogany Hissing Cockroach) *Pure*
10 Mixed nymphs: $30
20 Mixed nymphs: $50

Gromphadorhina sp. "Unidentified" (Sidestripe Hissing Cockroach) *Pure*
8 Small nymphs: $70

Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)
10 Small nymphs: $70

Margattea nimbata (Raindrop Roach)
10 Mixed: $20
20 Mixed: $30

Panesthia angustipennis cognata "Cambodia" (Orangeback Roach)
8 Small nymphs: $70

Parcoblatta americana "Table Rock, Boise - ID" (American Wood Roach)
10 Mixed nymphs: $20
20 Mixed nymphs: $30

Perisphaerus punctatus "Macao" (Punctate Roly-poly Roach)
8 Small nymphs: $130

Plectoptera poeyi (Florida Beetle Mimic Roach)
8 Small nymphs: $30

Princisia vanwaerebeki "Big/Black" (Vibrant Hisser) *Pure*
8 Mixed nymphs: $60

Pseudoglomeris aerea "Yunnan" (Mirror Spot Roach)
8 Small nymphs: $250 (One Group Available)

Pseudomops septentrionalis "San Antonio, TX" (Pale-bordered field roach)
12 Small nymphs: $30

Pycnoscelus surinamensis "Dark" (Dark Surinam Roaches)
10 Mixed: $12

Symploce morsei "Key Largo, FL" (Morse's Symploce)
10 Small nymphs: $30


Alphitobius diaperinus (Lesser Mealworm)
10 Mixed: $5

Blapstinus sp. "Bylas, AZ" (Grey Sidewalk Darkling)
8 Mixed: $15

Blapstinus sp. "Kuna, ID" (Grey Sidewalk Darkling)
8 Mixed: $15

Conibius cf. seriatus (Red & Blue Micro-Darkling)
8 Mixed: $15

Deilelater physoderus "George West, TX" (Texas Bioluminescent Click Beetle)
6 Small larvae: $50
12 Small larvae: $85
20 Small Larvae: $150

Eleodes hispilabris "Pacific Northwest Race" (Common Darkling Beetle)
10 Mixed larvae: $15

Eleodes hispilabris "South TX Race" (Common Darkling Beetle)
10 Small larvae: $15

Eleodes spinipes macrura (Giant Texas Darkling Beetle)
10 Mixed larvae: $25

Lasioderma serricorne (Cigarette Beetle)
12 Mixed: $5

Neatus tenebrioides "Livonia, MI" (Neat Mealworms)
10 Mixed larvae: $20

Tenebrio obscurus (Dark Mealworm)
10 Mixed larvae: $5

Triorophus sp. "Fort Stockton, TX" (Huckleberry Darklings)
8 Mixed larvae: $30


Armadillidium corcyraeum (Greek Spotted Roly-poly)
10 Small individuals: $20

Armadillidium gestroi (Gestro’s Roly-poly)
10 Mixed individuals: $20

Armadillidium klugii (Clown Roly-poly)
10 Mixed $12

Armadillidium werneri (Clown Roly-poly)
10 Mixed individuals: $20

Cubaris sp. "Panda King" (Panda King Isopod)
8 Small individuals: $25

Cylisticus convexus "Eagle, ID" (Curly Isopod)
10 Mixed: $8

Nesodillo arcangelii "Shiro Utsuri" (Shiro Utsuri Isopod)
8 Mixed: $30

Porcellio nicklesi (Salmon Sowbug)
8 Mixed individuals: $30

Porcellio scaber "Lottery Ticket" (Rough Isopod)
10 Mixed: $12

Trachelipus rathkii "Ada County, ID" (Swamp Isopod)
10 Mixed: $10

Trichorhina tomentosa (Dwarf White Isopod)
15 Mixed: $5


Vonones ornata "Ocala, FL" (Ornate Harvestman)
8 Mixed CB individuals: $55

Springtails & Mites:

*Springtail culture purity guaranteed to be at least 75% or more of the selected species. Some cross contamination is expected based on the propensity for springtails to jump cultures and coexist with other species.*

Coecobrya sp. "Tropical Pink" (Tropical Pink Springtails)
ex. Sinella curviseta.
20+ Mixed: $5
50+ Mixed: $10

Cyphoderus sp. "Bylas, AZ" (Bylas Ant Springtails)
10+ Mixed: $15

cf. Willowsia sp. "Kota Kinabalu" (Malaysian Silver Scaly Springtails) *Dry Hardy*
20+ Mixed: $5
50+ Mixed: $10 (Ask for Availability)

Oribatida sp. "Red" (Red Oribatid Mite)
20+ Mixed: $5

Stratiolaelaps scimitus *ex Hypoaspis miles* (Predatory Mite)
15+ Mixed: $8 (Ask for Availability)

Desert Predatory Mites (Acari sp. "Idaho")
15+ Mixed: $8 (Ask for Availability)

Terms & Conditions:

Minimum order $30* not including shipping. Will not ship roaches to FL other than the few species marked "*FL Legal*". We accept (in order of preference): Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, Wise, or direct bank transfer. I almost always ship domestically via USPS Priority Mail, shipping via normal priority usually costs $15 to $20 depending on the order size. Priority Express costs $50-$60, and is not guaranteed to arrive overnight due to the rural area I live in (two days is more typical), so it's often redundant unless normal priority is experiencing delays. Heat packs, if needed, will cost an extra $5 per pack.

I ship out on Mondays/Tuesdays for all payments and mailing addresses received by Sunday evening. (So if you place an order on Monday, it will most likely not be shipped out until Monday/Tuesday of the FOLLOWING week).

Due to negative experiences with USPS wildly mishandling packages that are held for pickup, we suggest against asking for packages to be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP, unless you know your post offices handles these types of packages with little issue. Otherwise, if your temps are too extreme, or you won't be able to accept delivery at home, or if you have some other reason for not being able to have the invertebrates shipped to your door, then I strongly advise you don't order.

I am not responsible for any deaths due to mishandling, acts of God and extreme temperatures. If your local temperatures are in the 90's or above or the 40's and below, (and you do not include a heat pack in your order for the latter), order at your own risk! However, a lot of the species I offer are flexible when it comes to hot conditions, so if the temperatures in your area are in the 90s or above, we can discus a LAG agreement for certain, heat hardy species.

If, for some reason the invertebrates arrive dead, and they were shipped during weather I suggested should be fine, please send a photo of the dead invertebrates in question within 24 HOURS of arrival, and we can work on a replacement shipment or partial refund. If no proof in the form of a photo or a video is supplied, I will not take any responsibility for DOAs.

PM me to order, or if you have any questions. Or you can email me at: [email protected].

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