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Dec 14, 2013
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Idaho, U.S.A.

Compsodes schwarzi (Schwarz's Hooded Roach)
Second smallest roach in the hobby, prolific and a great micro-feeder!
12 Mixed: $20 + shipping
24 Mixed: $30 + shipping


Hemithyrsocera palliata (Pallid Sun Roach)
Diurnal, prolific and a great display species and/or feeder for arboreal predators!
10 Mixed: $35 + shipping
20 Mixed: $55 + shipping


Nocticola sp. "Malaysia" (Malaysian Micro-roach)
Smallest roach in the hobby, could make for a good occasional micro-feeder, or cleaner crew addition in bioactive setups.
10 Mixed: $20 + shipping *Limited Availability*


Parcoblatta americana "Table Rock, Boise - ID" (American Wood Roach)
US native, can take a while to get cultures established, but makes for a good occasional feeder that breeds at room temps, and won't infest your house!
10 Mixed nymphs: $20 + shipping



Princisia vanwaerebeki "Big/Black" (Vibrant Hisser)
The most basic form of this species in cultivation, with most adults sporting black base coloration, with orange/yellowish abdominal margins. This particular stock throws out a decent number of completely black adults, which is unusual for pure stock of this species, but all males have the characteristic notch on the anterior margins of their pronotums, while hybrid lines normally have variable pronotum shapes.
Adult Pair: $30 + shipping *Purity of this stock Uncertain*





Alaus cf. lusciosus (Texas Eyed Elater)
This is a HUGE click beetle species with beautiful adults, larvae are fully predatory.
6 Small larvae: $60 + shipping *Limited Availability*

Blapstinus sp. "Kuna, ID" [SIZE=13.86px](Grey Sidewalk Darkling)[/SIZE]
A small, slightly hairy species of darkling beetle. Somewhat easy to rear, cultures need a winter dormant period in the mid 60s for good yearly reproduction.
8 Mixed: $12 + shipping *One Group Available*

 cf. seriatus 
(Red & Blue Micro-Darkling)
Cute, easy to rear species of desert darkling, very fast growing, potential use as a feeder. Cultures need a winter dormant period in the mid 60s for good yearly reproduction.
8 Mixed: $15 + shipping *One Group Available*


Ignelater havaniensis "Miami, FL" (Cuban Bioluminescent Elater)
Largest US native bioluminescent click beetles, the glow on these guys is INSANE as adults!
6 Small larvae: $80 + shipping *One Group Available*



Ceuthophilus gracilipes gracilipes "Montgomery, AL" (Slender-legged Camel Cricket)
Largest US native camel cricket! Easy to breed, pretty tolerant of crowding, but they do like their space! Definitely some occasional feeder potential, and colonies don't smell or make noise! *LAG only if local temps 77F or below*
8 Mixed nymphs: $40 + shipping


Springtails & Mites:
Entomobrya unostrigata (Cotton Springtail) *Dry Hardy*
Super prolific, dry hardy springtail. Not commonly offered.

20+ Mixed: $5 + shipping

Sinella curviseta (Tropical Pink Springtail)
Very prolific species that can handle a wide range of conditions, but does best in consistently humid setups.
20+ Mixed: $5 + shipping (Ask for Availability)

Terms & Conditions:
Minimum order $30 not including shipping. No shipping roaches to FL except for Compsodes. Paypal only. I ship via USPS Priority Mail, shipping normally costs $15 however if your order is especially large it may be $18. Heat packs, if needed, will cost an extra $4 per pack. I do not ship via USPS express at this moment, so please don't ask.

I ship out on Mondays/Tuesdays for all payments and mailing addresses received by Sunday evening. (So if you place an order on Monday, it will not be shipped out until Tuesday of the FOLLOWING week).

Due to negative experiences with USPS wildly mishandling packages that are held for pickup, we suggest against asking for packages to be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP, unless you know your post offices handles these types of packages with little issue. Otherwise, if your temps are too extreme, or you won't be able to accept delivery at home, or if you have some other reason for not being able to have the invertebrates shipped to your door, then I strongly advise you don't order.
I am not responsible for any deaths due to mishandling, acts of God and extreme temperatures. If your local temperatures are in the 90's or above or the 40's and below, (and you do not include a heat pack in your order for the latter), order at your own risk! Isopods in particular are VERY sensitive to high temperatures, ordering them when your local temps are in the 80s or above may be a death sentence. Cockroaches and some beetles are more flexible when it comes to hot conditions, so if the temperatures in your area are in the 90s or above, we can discus a LAG agreement for certain, heat hardy species.

If, for some reason the invertebrates arrive dead, and they were shipped during weather I suggested should be fine, please send a photo of the dead invertebrates in question within 24 HOURS of arrival, and we can work on a replacement shipment or partial refund. If no proof in the form of a photo or a video is supplied, I will not take any responsibility for DOAs.

PM me to order, or email me at: [email protected]

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