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Oct 27, 2014
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Each year we assemble a calendar from photos that members have taken of their mantids, this year is no exception even if we are a bit slow to start.

I will be leading the project this year, so if you have any concerns just let me know. Also thanks to Sticky for her continued interest in the calendar to prod us into action. :)


  • Only submit photos that you have taken.
  • Photos must include at least one mantis.
  • By submitting a photo, you are granting permission for the photo, if selected, to be published in the 2017 calendar. Entrants and winners will not receive payment or commission.
  • All entries (photos) must be first-time submissions to a Mantidforum calendar. You may submit a photo that you've posted on the forum previously, as long as it wasn't part of a previous calendar submission.
  • Each member is allowed to submit up to five photos.
  • All entries must be received by December 4th - the deadline for photo submissions has been extended. :)
  • Mantidforum administration reserves the right to change the guidelines at anytime.

Image Submissions

What kind of files can I upload?: JPG, PNG

What size should my image files be? The preferred size for your image to be considered for a full page photo is 11" x 8.5" with 300 DPI with sRGB color profile. Only photos that meet the preferred size will be considered for the cover. Photos which do not match these requirements may still be selected but will likely be combined with other images on a page. If you are unsure of how to size your images, submit your images and we will resize your images and contact you if needed.

Calendar Details (what the finished product looks like):

  • 11" x 17" (open)
  • Full color interior and cover
  • wire-o binding
  • The scientific name of the mantis and the photographer's forum username will be printed on each photo
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing (Though the quality is very good, the quality of print on demand calendars is not the same as prints.)
Mantidforum moderators will receive a free calendar as thanks for a year of maintaining our family-friendly community.

Calendars will be available for purchase as soon as possible in December.

Get Started...

Submitting photos is a two step process this year.

1. Please email high resolution photos to  [email protected] . No watermarks, text or writing on any photographs (advertising). Include your forum username and the scientific name of the mantis in the email.

2. Upload a copy of your image(s) here. This copy may be a lower resolution of the image and may include watermarks, etc. For each photo, please include the scientific name of the mantis.

To see last year's final calendar, please visit the following link:

Mantid Forum Calendar

Post any questions you have about the calendar here.

Thank You!

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