How to attract male mantises?


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Dec 26, 2020
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Sydney Australia
Hello everyone ! i recently found a female orthodera sp and i was wondering how i can attract males. I currently have her in a mesh cage outside however i dont think she is old enough to pheromone call. But i am not sure what pheromone calling looks like and i cant seem to find a pic so maybe she is. What does phermemone calling look like (if anybody has a picture) and what time do they do it. Also how far can pheromone trails lead? The last place i found a male was at my school which is approximety 800 m away. Or is there any other way to attract males?

I always love finding mantids outside. I have a couple pictures of females calling, but many people won’t see them because they tend to call at night. I don’t know the exact data for how far the pheromones can travel, but males are designed to pick up their scent, so if there’s a male in the area, he will be attracted to her. I would just keep feeding her and it’ll happen! :)  good luck!


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