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Dec 10, 2004
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100% Captive-Bred, established Stocks as old as 1972


Narceus americanus American giant pinkleg ALBINO Cultivar 2002 stock 0.75” -1.5” $25

Narceus annularis 0.5” $6

Aclidocricus Negros Island Giant Blue 2005 stock 1"+ $28

Apeuthes sp. Thai rainbow 1997 stock ~1" $15

Tanzanian Earthworm Macrolenostreptus brachycerus 2002 stock ~1" $20

Tylobolus uncigerus 2017 stock 1.5” $8

Bumblebee Milliped 2004 stock Anadenobolus monilicornis 3/4" to 1" $4

Panamanian Ivory Banded Anadenobolus ocraceus 1/2” $6

Hawaiian Yellow striped Spirobolellus sp. ex. Maui immatures $5

Flamelegs Trigoniulus macropygus 2005 stock 0.75-1” $20

Spirostreptid sp. 1 “globular” Tanzania 1990's stock, 1” $10

Leptogoniulus sorornus Hothouse whiteleg spirobolid 0.5-.75” $6


Porcellio ornatus "high yellow" $25/half-dozen

Spanish Calico 1997 stock $15/dozen

Spanish Orange 1997 stock $15/dozen

Dalmatian Porcellio scaber 2012 stock $12/dozen

Gold Dalmatian Porcellio scaber 2012 stock $30/dozen

Porcellio laevis "Dairy cow" or “milkback” $15/dozen

Porcellio laevis orange $15/dozen

Porcellio sp. Canary Island Spiny $25/half-dozen

Peach pillbugs Armadillidium nasatum 2009 stock $14/dozen

Zebra pillbugs A. maculatum 2013 stock $12/dozen

A. maculatum irregulars include high white "dalmatian" and low white chocolate morphs $25/dozen

Armadillidium granulatum (large dark gray species with crayon yellow spots) $14/dozen

Armadillidium frontirostre $15/dozen

Armadillidium gestroi, huge species with yellow checkers $22/dozen

Twisted Clowns Armadillidium versicolor X A. klugii hybrids $35/ half-dozen

Armadillidium sp. St. Lucia $18/dozen
Armadillidium sp. St. Lucia Orange $25/dozen
Armadillidium sp. St. Lucia Yellow $35/dozen

Squeaky Toy Pillbug (makes squeaky noises in defense)
Armadillo officinalis $15/dozen gray, $25 dozen brown-gray, $35 ½ dozen orange

Powder blue $8/dozen

Powder orange $10/dozen

Porcellionides floria party mix $15/dozen

Giant Canyon P. dilatatus $8/dozen, $35/100

Shiny sowbug, 2012 stock, Oniscus asselus $15/dozen

Oniscus asselus "Mardis gras" $25/dozen

Brickwork, Porcellio spinicornis $15/dozen

Titan Isopod -Porcellio hoffmannseggi $28 1/2 dozen

Yellow Cave Isopod -Porcellio bolivari $55 1/2 dozen

Dragon Isopod - Porcellio expansus yellow geographic form $65 1/2 dozen
Dragon Isopod – Porcellio expansus orange geographic form $95 ½ dozen
Dragon Isopod – Porcellio expansus “witches potion” 4/$300

Porcellio magnificus $65 1/2/dozen

Porcellio flavomarginatus $55 1/2 dozen

Greek Shield Porcellio werneri $50 1/2 dozen

Porcellio wagneri $45 1/2 dozen

Curly, Cylisticus convexus $9/dozen

White micropods $10/2 dozen+

Jungle micropods $10/2 dozen+

Elongate white micropods (Haplopthalmus danica) $10/dozen+
smallerand thinner than jungle micropods

Micropills, Venezillo parvus $14/dozen 2004 Miami stock
V. parvus orange $30/1/2 dozen

Cubaris sp. "Rubber Ducky" $65 ½ dozen

Cubaris sp. "Red Edge" $35 ½ dozen

Cubaris sp. "Panda King" $25 ½ dozen

Cubaris sp. "Cappuchino" $99 1/2 dozen

"Cubaris dream" $75 ½ dozen

Spanish Spiny
Christarmadillidium muricatum $95 ½ dozen

Grecian Alligator Armadillo tuberculatus $99 ½ dozen


Big white $8 culture ~100

Tricolor $8 culture ~ 20

Tiny silver $8 culture ~50


Giganteus adults have 6-inch wingspans,
pure stock, pre-1995 stock, rare orange nymph cultivar
Blaberus giganteus $8

Dusky cave roach (often sold as giganteus but notably smaller)
Blaberus fusca $12/12 small

Death's Head, beautiful black with skull markings
Blaberus craniifer $24/12 small

Eublaberus serranus $24/12 small.

Extinct Roach (only survives in captivity) Simandoa conserfariam $5.00

Diploptera punctata $5 Pacific Beetle Mimic

Pycnoscelus surinamensis black 10/$9

Dorylaea orini $5 Malaysian Zebra

Eurycotis decipiens $5 Costa Rican Zebra

Black beetle mimic Ergaula pilosa 10/$20

Gyna lurida cultivated yellow variety 10/$24

Gyna caffrorum 10/$9

Glowspots Lucihormetica subcincta $5 or 10/$38

Glowspots Lucihormetica verrucosa $6

Standard hissers (Gramphodorhina portentosa 1972 pure stock) small nymphs $2.50, adult pair $14

"Princisia giant" commonly traded stock, adults usually with gold margins, small nymphs $3, adult pair $20

Gromphadorhina oblongonota untainted stock adult pair $25, over-sized adult pair $40, small nymphs $5

Macropanesthia rhinoceros 2000 stock female nymph born May 2021 $195
pair born July 2022 $260, unsexed $99

Native USA Beetles (Mealworm/Giant Headstanders)

Eleodes subnitens adult pair $10 (5 each)
2007 stock

Giant Headstander E. spinipes adult pair $35 (17.50 each)
2006 stock

Eastern Hercules 1995 high yellow
Adult pair size based on male length only, females do not have horns and will be shorter. USA only Specimens in ranges
small (40-45 mm male)55USD/pr.
medium (46-51 mm+) = 65USD/pr.
large (52 mm+) = 85USD/pr.

Rearing Manuals
Isopods in Captivity Terrarium Clean-up Crews $14
- 2013 original version, 2021 update available on Request

Whipscorpions and Whipspiders: Culturing Gentle Monsters $14

Scorpions, Windscorpions, Pseudoscorpions Culturing Ancient Arachnids $14

Giant Tarantulas The Enthusiast's Handbook $16

The Complete Guide to Rearing the Eastern Hercules Beetle $14

The Complete Guide to Rearing Darkling Beetles $14

The Complete Guide to Rearing The Rainbow Scarab and Other Dung Beetles $14

Giant Millipedes The Enthusiast's Handbook $14

Giant Centipedes The Enthusiast's Handbook $16

American Cockroach Society Publication 2. $7.49.

Shipping for manuals is $1.49 1st class or included free with priority or express invert. packages.


Terms of service: Payment by paypal, check, etc. accepted. Very limited trade considerations.
Shipping: $10 priority NO lag. $28 express (one or two day with LAG). Shipping price is the same independent of order size. No FL (except native FL spp.) and no out of country shipping.

Live Arrival Guarantee with express only (one or two-day express are both acceptable). The package must be accepted on first delivery attempt and claims should be submitted within a few hours of arrival. Not responsible for shipping delays but will extend LAG if the shipper is a day late as long as the box is received on the first delivery attempt. Proof of DOA is usually a photograph but the return of specimen may be required for inconclusive photos or high dried-specimen value (For example Macropanesthia and Dynastes). Full replacement or credit minus shipping cost. Replacements are not guaranteed and will be shipped at customer's cost and preference (priority or express).

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