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Mantids and other inverts


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Apr 26, 2020
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tarantula prices firm, all others negotiable. Let’s make a deal, I need to clear out space. very motivated to sell. price matching. Shipping from California. Pickup in Whittier-riverside area.

Praying Mantis

Aquamarine (Prohierodula ornatipennis) Mature female + subadult male $110

Aquamarine (Prohierodula ornatipennis) subadult male $25

Giant Amazon Leaf (Macromantis sp.) young nymphs $20

Malaysian Orchid (Hymenopus coronatus) $40 suspect pairs available

Texas Unicorn (Pseudovates chlorophaea) large nymphs $18 sexed pairs available

Ghost (Phyllocrania paradoxa) young nymphs $10 Older sexed pairs $30


Mozambique Fire Millipede (Centrobolus splendidus) sexed pair $60

Disco Vampire Crab CB crablets $25 ea 2 left

Argentina Headlight Click Beetle (Pyrophorus noctilucus) 1 large grub $25

Cubaris Cappuccino 6ct $100

Cubaris Rubber ducky 6ct $60

Cubaris Panda King 10ct $15 FREE with duckies or cappuccinos

Dwarf White Isopods 100+ct $25 S
pringtails $7 cup Mystery Substrate—used millipede substrate w springtails, dwarf white isopods, cubaris sp panda king, pycnoscelus femapterus roaches, possibly more critters. $5 a gallon.


Monocentropus balfouri female 3 inches $140

PM here, or for faster reply, text/call 562-329-7582

Shipping with USPS, other services available

Local Pickup available in Whittier or Riverside California

LAG provides replacement specimens at the cost of shipping, or refunds at discretion. LAG guaranteed as long as temperatures remain between 40-89° and package arrives within a day of expected arrival time. Not responsible for delayed/lost packages. I must be informed of DOA’s within 3 hours of recorded time of arrival, sufficient proof (photo, video etc) is expected.
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