Mantis sick or dying


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Oct 30, 2022
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I have a female European mantis. Have only had her a few months and she has her wings, done with molting I was told. Yesterday when I fed her she grabbed the cricket and started to eat then stopped. Her stomach is very concaved, butt was moving strangely. I made sure her temp and humidity were good, she drank some water. I saw some clear fluid come from her butt. Also, she started getting more brown than green with a black spot on her wings after she laid her first ootheca here.
Today she isn't moving much, just laying on me all day. She drank a bit of water but won't eat. Her stomach is still caved in and wings look like they're deteriorating as well as a very foul odor that is garbage-like.
I assume she is simply at the end of her life cycle but if it's not I would appreciate help on a possible diagnosis to treat her.

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