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awwww and congrats! how did she get lost hahaha? I had 4 l1 liturgusa escape they are soooooo fast
She got between the layer I used to divide the aquarium. And stuck herself on some duct tape. I took out all of the decor in the tank and started searching the surroundings when I saw her long antenna pocking out of the top. Shes fine now though! I reenforced the butt out of the tank now, they should be good. I'm actually glad it happened, If I hadn't taken it apart I wouldn't have found her ooth.

Glad to hear you found her safe and sound and even got a ooth for the trouble.
Congrats on getting her off the tape too - I had some get loose once when transferring them to habitats and they found some packing tape and in the end had to be put in the freezer as they could not peel off without ripping apart. Tape seems to be their mortal enemy.

Alright so update! Came back home to badass the adult dead on the bottom of her enclosure. Zero signs of trauma and she was eating just fine. I'm thinking since she was wild caught it was just a matter of old age. She hadn't laid an ootheca for me so that's a bummer. I'm hoping the other adult can give me many more ootheca before she passes as well. All of the other nymphs are doing great.

Man, Update: My last adult female is dying today. She was walking around a bunch the past few days (I hoped looking for a place to lay an ooth), and then spent all last night calling. Today I wake up, and she is face down in the dirt in front of the log she was calling on. She is still alive, and holding herself up, but she doesn't move unless moved (and is awkward and slow when she does). This is the first time I've been able to hold her since I've caught her. I assume that is a bad sign. I hoped she would lay a bunch of ootheca for me to culture the species, but I guess I'll have to work with one for now. Maybe an adult collecting trip is in order. Sigh.

What are you feeding them?
Wild flies, moths, some small roaches, chopped up superworms I've been raising. She last ate half a superworm a few days ago. I offered her a small roach which scared her, and moths afterwards which she also refused. I assumed she was full from the superworm. I tried to feed her honey just now, but she won't move her mouth. She's still hanging in there though.

They need to drink, misting isn't always about humidity. I don't spray mine but do give them a drink. How well ventilated is the enclosure?

They need to drink, misting isn't always about humidity. I don't spray mine but do give them a drink. How well ventilated is the enclosure?
I noticed this species likes to drink, I have been spraying the sticks they lay on directly. So unless they need lots to drink I don't think that's an issue. She was in a split ten gallon tank, with a full mesh top. So I think ventilated enough?

An all mesh enclosure is better for them.
Where are you getting this information? I have an order for a bunch of deli cups coming in this week. I will make the lid mesh. Would they be acceptable if I make lots of cross ventilation by replacing most of the body with mesh?

That usually works, species who need high humidity to better with mesh cages because they have more ventilation. It also prevents stress and ease of climbing the sides. Put bark on the lids instead of mesh to make them more comfortable.

species that need high humidity like some of my peru mantids which share the safe environment as that genera DROP like flies in net cubes. They let humidity out way to fast. I use plastic containers with one side mesh for ventilation, and a paper towel top for younger instars and mesh for older. I put wet paper towels at the bottom


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