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Jun 8, 2012
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Southern Maryland
I was referred to them recently for fruit flies,and both cultures came very quickly in the dead of winter here with heatpacks and living flies,with no spillage,definitely was impressed and they are much cheaper than Josh's Frogs or other places. They really seemed to care about the quality of their cultures,and I will be buying from them again,especially being on the east coast. I tried to post a link and it wouldn't let me its New England Herpetoculture you chould find them when googling :)

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Ive bought flies, plants and cups for ffs once from them very fast shipping i am on the east coast as well. 10 x better than the plants at

joshs frogs

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I picked up some hydei and insect cups from this site. Excellent communication, great FF culture (which after 10 days in producing huge numbers of flies and larvae), high quality cups, quick shipping, couldn't ask for better--thanks!

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I bought a vivarium kit and 32oz deli cup of fruit flies. Amazing prices, amazing communication, amazing products. Super impressive for a business, let alone a small family-owned one. My plants were in spectacular condition, and they gave me such a generous amount that I could hardly squeeze them all in the tank! The springtail culture was plentiful and healthy, and the fruit fly culture was swarming and still doing amazing a week later. They gave me more than enough substrate (over double the amount needed!) And everything was packed securely with no damage to anything. 11/10 business. I will shop there when I need ANYTHING viv related. 

8/27 (late at night) - Ordered springtails and assorted dwarf isopods. Website says they process orders sunday-thursday. If the order is processed sunday, I should get them monday or tuesday (I'm very close to them). Great prices, great people. Let's see how they do! 💪

8/29 - Got an email saying my order went through and is 'in process.' Maybe I'll see the package monday? I appreciate them not being willing to ship live animals over the weekend, but I kind of wished they would have shipped yesterday. They'd already be here. Oh well. It's a good policy to have!

Will update!

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