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Jul 9, 2021
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I'm located in the Southeastern USA.

I recently ordered my first mantids- 2 orchids, 2 Popa spurca, and a ghost; they should arrive next week. 

I'm new to mantids, but, not new to invertebrates. I have around 30 tarantulas- rookie numbers really, but, thought I would branch into mantids. I love tarantulas, but, because of their really long lifespans, they aren't quick to do too much. I have some that go underground for months at a time. There are times when everybody is underground or in webbing. I bought some isopods a few weeks back and thought how nice it was to have some inverts that my kid could interact with. 

Anyhow, she loved the orchid mantis in Animal Crossing, so, here we are. We actually did briefly have a mantis years ago, my cat caught one and we rescued it from the cat. It was pretty large and only lived another 8 weeks or so and didn't molt, so I'm guessing it was an adult. But, it was large enough to be really easy and loved crickets. I thought it might be nice to have some creatures that live a bit faster lifespans and are visible a bit more.

I already keep a few bug cultures for my small tarantulas, I have Hydei, melanogaster, and bean beetles. For my large tarantulas I just buy crickets since raising them stinks, though, one day I'll decide on a roach colony. I have some discoids, but, they don't grow as fast as I'd hoped. 

I'm an accountant which is just as much fun as it sounds. I do work for a company that has gone hybrid since the pandemic and so I do mostly get to work from a desk in my bug room, so, kinda nice I guess. 


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