options other than flies and crickets


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Nov 16, 2021
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Issaquah Washington
So I caught a mantis in the back yard, my first mantis  - it was 1 molt away from wings - recently died after laying its egg sac.... and I want to get more.... but with older praying mantis at least - don't like flies because you can't open the cage without them getting out - and crickets have a reputation for potential disease issues I hear - any other food medium that works - looked through a bunch of posts and everything is mostly about flies and occasional hand fed meal worm. I am going to be purchasing probably another one, maybe a few of them the kind that do well in small groups... but once they get older I want to avoid flies... if that is possible or reasonable... haven't decided on what species of Mantis go get so that might muddy the question a bit.



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Sep 4, 2016
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Maryland, USA
Depending on what mantis you get, roaches are a really good alternative to crickets. They do not smell, are easy to breed, and are much healthier. I recommend the Red runner roach, also known as the Turkestan roach S. lateralis. Red runner roaches are very similar in size to crickets and do not have many of the issues crickets have. The only problem with red runners is they do no climb plastic or hard surfaces. So if you have a mantis that needs more active or flying foods they don't work the best for that.


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