Ripped abdomen after molt. What should I do?


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Jun 30, 2024
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Hello everyone!

I have a Hierodula membranacea that had a rough last molt. He started his final molt just as I was going out and when I came back i first noticed his right arm being deformed at an angle. He could however still walk with it and everything, but he can't clean it because of the angle.

He started eating 2 days after molt and have been eating now for a couple of days. I did however discover that his abdomen did look kinda wired as well but didn't get a good look at it until yesterday and it is totally ripped open....

My theory is that he got stuck with his back, forced himself out and landed wrong on his arm and ripped his abdomen. However the fall was just maybe 5-10 cm or 2-4 inches so i don't know.

I've let him be but took him out for the picture and also because he enjoy being on that plant.

Please look at the picture to see the damage...

Is there anything that I could/should do. He eat and poops like before, but it doesn't feel humane keeping him like that although he seems to be "fine"

This is my first mantis so I'm grateful for any wisdom that you might have!
Looks to be a prolapse of sorts. If a male is eating and pooping, he might live for a bit. I kept a male alive like this. However, I would recommend euthanizing him.

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