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Nov 1, 2020
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San Bernardino, California
Specimens are selling fast, will be retooling the list over the next few weeks.

10x Blaberus peruvianus (Peruvian Cave Roach) medium [email protected]$30. 1 lot. SOLD
10x Blaberus discoidialis "Hobby" (Discoid Roach) small-medium nymphs @$15. 1 lot.
12x Blaberus cf. colosseus "Panama" (Colossal Cave Roach) small [email protected]$40. 2 lots, uncommon cultivar of an uncommon species.
10x Blaberus giganteus (Giant Cave Roach) small [email protected]$40. 1 lot. SOLD
15x Eublaberus serranus (Headlamp Roach) medium-large [email protected]$20. 1 lot (adults also available).
15x Eublaberus serranus small [email protected]$10 (9 lots).
15x Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" (Ivory Roach) small-medium [email protected]$10 (10 lots).
15x Pycnoscelus surinamensis "Dark" (Suriname Roach) mixed [email protected]$15. 1 lot.

1x Asbolus verrucosus (Blue Death Feigning Beetle) w/blemish on [email protected]$10.
1x Edrotes ventricosus (Fuzzy Darkling Beetle)@$10.
5x Phloeodes diabolicus (Diabolical Ironclad Beetle)@$10 each or 5/$40. SOLD
5x Schizillus sp. (Elegant Death Feigning Beetle)@$75 for all 5 (Rare!). Two lots. Those willing to breed these have priority. SOLD


1x Litaneutria sp. (Desert Ground Mantis, probably L. chaparrali)@$10. SOLD


1x Homalonychus sp. (American Sand Assassin Spider, a mini-Sicarius basically!)@$15. SOLD
1x Latrodectus hesperus young female (Black Widow)@$5. SOLD
1x Loxosceles deserta (Desert Recluse) 1/4"@$15.

1x Scolopendra polymorpha juvenile (tan Tiger Centipede) about 2.5"@$10. Will probably live another 2-4 years, this locale is one of the biggest in California, reaching to almost 4". SOLD

Ants (California sales only)

5x Camponotus semitestaceus (Black and Orange Carpenter Ant) [email protected]$15 each, all 5 for $50. SOLD
2x Veromessor pergandei (Pergande's Black Harvester Ant) [email protected]$15 each, both for $25. SOLD
1x Linepithema humile (Argentine Ant) [email protected]$10. Caught it by accident, if no one wants it for a project I will need to euthanize it. SOLD

All California species come with county locality info upon purchase (make sure to ask). All specimens are collected with the goal of conserving each species and the habitat in mind, i.e I am not mass collecting from a single location, engaging in destructive collecting practices, etc. Please feel free to inquire about my methods and how I assess where and when to collect (or not to collect).

Minimum purchase price before shipping=$20.

All species not labeled "Hobby" pure as far as I can tell. Shipping runs anywhere from $12-$25 for 2-3 day (for Californians it is usually cheaper), though be aware of shipping delays. Spiders may need to be shipped via FedEx, terms discussed on a case-by-case basis.
LAG guaranteed if the temperature is in between 32F-90F and the package arrives within 4 days. Not responsible for delays caused by the weather/postal service/covid-19/et. al. Not responsible for deaths due to a package being left on the porch/in the mailbox/etc. Depending on temperatures you may need to pay for cool/heat packs ($4).
DOAs need to be reported within 12 hours of the package arriving and with clear photos and/or videos of the specimens still in the shipping containers, as well as on a white surface in a signature death pose (depends on species).

Reviews here, here, and here.


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