Sick of losing nymphs


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The Wolven

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Oct 18, 2021
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Midwest US
It seems like things just keeping going wrong. I've already lost 4 nymphs (two of which were my own fault, one escaped and got smooshed by a broom and the other ran under my arm). The other two were a Galinthias unable to molt and the other an Otomantis that got sick. It's just really tiring losing these little ones. I knew something was wrong with my Otomantis but was preoccupied with some things going on in my life and she didn't get the care she should have. Although I know there's typically not much you can do for a sick mantis I still feel awful. She was always weaker than her sister but still had some fight. It's very unlikely she's going to make it but I'm giving her another day. She's curled up and hardly responding. 


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