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Peter Clausen

Mar 20, 2006
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Sky Islands, AZ USA
We're all familiar with that small section that follows each member's post called the "signature area". If we've ever made a public statement about the rules for this area, I don't recall it. I do routinely contact members that violate the unwritten rules for signature content.

Finally, here they are in written form:

1. Please limit your signature area to no more than 4 lines of text. Links to your own website are okay. This rule also applies to the 'interests' section under your username and avatar.

2. No images are allowed in the signature area unless you are a paid advertiser...or you are Rick (We all love that fly thing of his!). This rule is made with respect to our very few advertisers that help support our forum through paid banners.

3. No ads or lists of what you have available for trade or sale. The Classifieds sections are provided for this.

Please contact an Admin if you have any questions about these points. There will be a short transition period, of course.

To edit your signature area, click your name at the top of the website. In the dropdown menu that appears, click My Settings. On the new page click Signature.

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