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Feb 20, 2022
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It would be great to get an update from everyone on what is new.

Any new additions? Any changes to habitat?
Our Orchid mantis looks like a little flower fairy or something. Did this bioactive setup. Complete with isopods and springtails. Light is LED and does not get very warm.


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It would be great to get an update from everyone on what is new.

Any new additions? Any changes to habitat?
I just got a couple of small (l2/l3) Twig mantises. Nothing fancy as far as setup, the usual 32 oz deli container until they outgrow it. I also have 2 ghost mantises and a boxer. Also got some jumping spiders, one of which already laid eggs. Trying to switch to roaches from flies with the larger mantises. Mixed success so far depending on the size of the mantis and roach.
Hello all! I personally noticed that I was getting weekly summary emails of this forum starting a few weeks ago. I'd prefer if it was more of a monthly thing. I personally got into this by using chinese mantis as garden pets as of last year and just bought 3 ooths for the second go this year! Someday I may even keep an exotic but I personally don't like keeping living being captive. Although mantids seem to be easy in terms of making a habitat that doesn't leave them wanting more.
Hello Everyone! Yikes it has been awhile. Glad to get a reminder about this forum. Currently I am working with a few mantis species (Ghosts, Cateyed, Cryptic, Twig, Orchid, Spiny, Megaera) as well as many arachnid, roach, isopod, and assassins. Have been vending at reptile expos in the PNW the last year or so, very fun to be on the other side of the table. I mostly communicate through instagram @arthropod_ambassadors as well as having a website, youtube, and email and all that ( https://www.arthropod-ambassadors.com/ ). Working on educational programs, pinned displays, art and stickers to keep people interested in bugs, and recently teamed up with the new location for PDXinsectarium which has been great! info at pdxinsectarium.org. yep that is about it as far as an update, hope everyone is well! Happy Spring and Yay Mantises!

w arthropod ambassadors
Taking a unique look at our tiny neighbors that wear their bones as their skin.
Hello, and thanks for the update, Peter! As per Admin's request: Lately, haven't had a ton going on-- just getting through my senior year of college. I recently finished my big senior project on mycology and presented on it. In the meantime, I've been taking care of my four mantids and gargoyle gecko (x2 Rhombodera sp., Rhombodera basalis, and Hierodula majuscula).
I have stopped keeping mantid's in captivity. I only had the one, she lived for about year. I moved to the country and they are everywhere. I keep a watchful on them, occasionally rescuing them from being mutilated by cats and chickens or my moms flyswatter. She used to kill them outright, but now that I've shown her what interesting and helpful little critters they are she always calls me to 'remove' them :) I have a live oak right next to the house and in the spring its just full of the little green beauties. I enjoy watching them sleep upside down under the leaves and flitting about my potted plants. From tiny little hatchlings to mature adults, I get to see the whole cycle and know that they are where they belong. I have nothing against keeping them as pets and maybe someday when I have more time to spare, I'll get an exotic for fun.
My last Spiny flower mantis died a couple months ago. Looking forward to getting more this spring/summer. Also possibly some orchids.
I just ordered the Mystery Box from arizonamantids.com, so excited to receive that. box will include 5 different species. i really hate surprises but i was feeling adventurous the day i decided to order one. haha
I still have 1 mantis: consuela en 4 hissing roaches. I keep it with 1 or 2 mantids at a time, because hubby still dont understand the hobby.
I am moving from a one bedroom apartment to another one bedroom apartment nearby. This is my only upcoming habit change lol

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