Where are the insects?


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May 18, 2018
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For the last 3 years I've noticed a decline in the insect population in my area. This year is even worse. My backyard is divided into several sections. One section is formal, one is lawn, and the other is a tea house surrounded by wildflowers. I spend a lot of time walking in the gardens looking for anything I can find and this year there is practically no insect activity. I've seen zero grasshoppers, maybe 3 or 4 butterflies. The only insects that seem to be active are flies and mosquitoes. 🙄 I haven't seen a single bee in the wildflowers or other areas. I went to a neighbor's house who practices "No Mow May" expecting to find more activity. The neighbor usually finds a couple of mantids every year except this one. She also finds it odd that they have seen very little insect activity. My kiwi trees didn't produce any fruit this year and I suspect it may be due to lack of pollinators.

So... where are our insect friends going and is anyone else experiencing a decline in insect population in their area?

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