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Cheap great Fish eye/Macro Lens for phone (*some phones may work)

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Today i just receive a cheap lens off of ebay. At first the lens is a fish eye lens but when you twist off the wide angle lens it becomes a macro lens.

This is not the best lens but it is a great cheap lens and it is fun to play around with and it is only $1.69 Shipped!


This lens is made for the Iphone but, Please confirm that your cell phone camera is flat and can stick around for 13 mm in diameter of adapter ring

I will post pictures soon.

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That's actually pretty cool... Ive seen other styles of the sort but they were more of a "clip on" lens, therefore you had to have the specific phone to use it. I do like this one since its a mountable version. Even if its made for the iphone, it can still work with most smartphones. :D

Maaaaaay have to snag myself one of these.

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Wow i was making a 5 min video and my phone died! now i have to make the video again :P

I would love to see how some pictures taken with this lens looks as iv been looking for a lens I can use while I save up enough to get a really good one

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I honestly do not know what happened with this photo, but when i found it, i thought it looked cool.


It's caused by very shallow DOF (depth of field) due to the magnification, I have a few like that and liked the umbrella look it created too. To fix the issue you would have to do focus stacking, or better yet adjust your F-stop and other exposure triangle settings ISO/Shutter Speed/Aperture (but as it is a phone I highly doubt that is a option). ;)

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