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Nov 11, 2023
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California, USA
I have a mantis that is chewing off its feet hooks and raptorial hooks. She is having trouble hanging upside down now. She is a very old adult and has laid an egg. I don't know if I should put her down. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I've had mantises that lost tarsi, especially with a metal mesh cover. They did perfectly well living on the substrate. Since she's an adult, she doesn't necessarily need the tarsi. If she is still mobile, can catch prey (or be handfed) and poops... she'll probably be OK until the end of her life cycle. If she starts chewing her feet or legs, it would be best to put her down.
Today, her entire body went from bright green to a darker green and she isn't moving. She isn't drinking and body has kind of collapsed. Her legs aren't supporting her. I think she's passed away, but if possible can someone confirm?


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Yeah it looks like she's passed - if you want to be sure you can put her in the freezer for about an hour. Even if she is alive, the freezer won't cause her any pain/stress as she goes.
RIP :(

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