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Sep 13, 2011
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North Carolina
I did a trade several weeks ago with Cometmoth. I got Hierodula venosa from him. H. venosa can be yellow or even blue in color. I also got a Tailless whip spider from him. I look forward to doing more trades with Cometmoth in the future!
I did a trade with Paulo this past week
my only complaint, which isn't necessarily bad, is he was a little unprepared to mail my stuff, not having heat packs and being between a few places for me to mail my end off to, but things ended up well regardless! I got some fun stuff in return for a bunch of mantises, so I'll definitely be trading again! Highly recommended! :)
I sold some isopods to cometmoth recently and let me tell you, cometmoth was so patient with me! I had many many many delays and cometmoth was cool as a cucumber the whole time. I'm so grateful for the kindness, and for the smooth purchase that he made.

I totally recommend dealing with cometmoth!
I bought a small batch of Macromantis at a great price, and they all arrived alive and well! Very accommodating and overall a good experience. Recommended.
I just recently got some Damon medius whipsiders and Orchid mantises from cometmoth. The tailless whipspiders are interesting looking. They will get very large.

Here is a video of me opening the package:
Did a trade with Paulo, and I can’t recommend him more. He is an absolutely awesome breeder, and all his mantises are in awesome condition. Definitely recommend him. Hope to work with him on some more projects in the future 😉
I just received roaches from a trade last week. They all came healthy! The roaches were vibrant and had a lot of energy running around. He added a lot of mature ones, too. I got Green Banana roaches, and Gyna caffrorum, and Lobster roaches from Paulo.

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