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Jun 6, 2010
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I recently returned from a vacation to Costa Rica. I did some searching for mantids while I was there and found some goodies. I spent a short time in Manuel Antonio, Uvita, and spent 3 days in Osa Peninsula at an eco lodge called El Remanso. 

I must say, the amount of biodiversity and the ease in which you can find 'odd' or beautiful species of anything make Osa Peninsula the best rainforest I've visited. Timing may also play a role, as the beginning of the rainy season is now and classically more insects are found in the rainy season.

I ended up finding ~7 male Choeradodis rhombicollis (all at El Remanso) but searched extensively for a female with no luck. I also saw ~20 Liturgusa bark mantids and a male what looked to be Stagmomantis at a distance. Also of note found some very large (8+ inch) phasmids, an adult female Blaberus giganteus roach I wasn't quick enough to photograph, and plenty of neat Odonata. 

Post any questions you have about the trip!

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That’s amazing! I love the leaf mantids, Choeradodis sp. are my favorite mantids! The Liturgusa is also really cute, and I love the colors on that cricket(?)

Seems like an amazing trip! I really need to get out of the country more.   :p

Those are some nice photos! Hope you had fun! 

WOW! Nice pictures! Did you find all of those mantids yourself?

- MantisGirl13

@Little Mantis: I didn't take any mantids back with me.

@River Dane: thank you! I try to combine my vacations with a bit of mantis hunting, kill two birds with one stone??

@mantisgirl: yes I found them all myself. There was a night hike guide employed there but I found many more insects than the people who went on her hike. I just used a quality head lamp and my two eyes.

@Danny.: thanks man! Hope all is well.

Wow! Isn't it funny how when you keep insects your eyes get tuned to looking for and noticing the most unobvious mantids and oothecas!

- MantisGirl13

For sure, but I'm pretty sure I walked by quite a few mantids without seeing them. I wish there was a way to see just how many I actually miss!

I know! When i walk with my friend in the woods, I spot at least two new oothecas almost every time!

- MantisGirl13

We don't have mantids outside here. It is too cold for them. I would have been cool if the Netherlands had some mantids too.

Where I am, it is common but special to see a mantis in the wild. We usually get adult Tenodera sinensis in my area.

- MantisGirl13


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