Eremiaphila Feeding Video


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Aug 12, 2017
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Just thought I’d share a video of a Eremiaphila eating a ff. They just seem so dang cute to me

Btw this is my first YT video and lmk if you’d like to see more. If any of you saw my collection page you could probably tell I stopped with the updates. If I were to update that I’d probably use videos cause they are faster and easier. Also I don’t know how to get the video in better quality so please if anyone knows anything about that I would appreciate all the help I can get.... here is the video!

That is easily the strangest species I’ve ever seen. Nice video, and adorable little guy!

and congrats on your first YouTube vid!

That really is cute haha.  The only way I know of to get a better video of something so small would be a clip on macro lens for your phone.  Not sure if that would be TOO zoomed in though and really only be able to focus on the head only.

No problem!  They're pretty cheap and fun to mess around with.  Not amazing quality but still pretty cool to get that level of zoom on the faces, especially while eating haha.  It's also kinda cool to look at the texture of wings and antennae, and also at tarsi.

@Ocelotbren yeah that’d be cool to see their faces with. Eremias have such a cute face. Also their antenna are really cool so I’d love to see them close up.

Where did you get those eremiaphila? I didn't think they were in culture. Also they do have really cute faces. Does yours chase food? How fast does it run?


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