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Jun 6, 2010
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Just a few photos recently. 

Representatives of their groups and instar, L to R in the image: Pseudacanthops sp (4)., Deroplatys truncata (2), Tarachodula pantherina (4), Idolomantis diabolica (2), Tagalomantis sp. (1)

Idolomantis diabolica adult female with WC locust prey. Just to be clear I do NOT keep these in net cubes, but they serve as good photo surfaces. 

Beautiful! The first picture was neat, and your Idolomantis is amazing!

- MantisGirl13

gratz on all the ooths you have.

I love you 3rd pic: adult mantis with a nynph sitting on her abdomen. I love all your pics really. They are very clear

Great pictures.  The first with the Idolo eating the grasshopper is awesome.  I'm always excited about catching them producing an ooth...so those photos are super cool as well.

Here are some additions to the above. Thanks for the comments!

Theopompa ophthalmica third instar:

Galinthias amoena ~fifth instar:

Presub male T. pantherina:

Pseudacanthops sp presub male and D. truncata first instar:

Pseudacanthops sp. presub female hanging out on some other sp ooths:

Ah, a panther mantis. Those are still cute. I dont know what gender mine is, he is always keeping his abdomen low and not like the others with their butt high to see the segments

You have some beautiful mantids! I am especially jealous of the Theopompa ophthalmica! They are so cool!

- MantisGirl13


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