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FS: Orchid Mantis - 75: $450 shipped.


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Dec 9, 2012
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Baby's for sale :) Minimum of 5 will be sold.
Male or Female depends on your request.

5: $60 shipped.
10: $100 shipped.
20: $175 shipped.
30: $225 shipped.
50: $400 shipped.
75: $450 shipped.

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刘 彦霖[email protected] is his account information. This person is defrauding the US government and Paypal. I am reporting him to the IRS and I have already informed Paypal of what he is doing. He wanted me to send him funds for friends and family. I explained that I was a corporation & could not send money that way.
So dear members of mantis forum do not send him money the way he is asking. He is a cheat and a thief. He told me Tuesday he would not accept my money but has not refunded it or replies to any of my messages.
Here are the messages.
刘 彦霖
[email protected] Mantisforum.net Aychen222

Hibiscusmile 6/20 10 please with express

aychen222 6/20 Okay, how will you pay? PayPal F&F accepted.

Hibiscusmile 6/20 PayPal

aychen222 6/20 Write me when you are ready to pay

Hibiscusmile 6/20 now is good

aychen222 6/20 Sending now

Hibiscusmile 6/20 you didnt give me your paypal info?

aychen222 6/20 [email protected]

send $125 friend and famil and let me know please. Now i'm waiting confirm.

Hibiscusmile 6/20 all done, can you send a mix of sexes? like 6 females ? I sent extra to cover paypal fees as I am a corporation and IRS sees my purchases.

aychen222 6/20 Please send screenshot of payment. And sender name of payment?
aychen222 6/20 sender name of payment?
aychen222 6/20 Also, I won't accept payment because you didn't send an F&F.
I will refund your money.

Hibiscusmile 6/20 2 pm Why what is the problem. I told you why.?
No answer from him.

Hibiscusmile 6/20 7:06 pmI don't see what the problem is, I sent extra to cover the fees. Please answer.
No answer from him.
Hibiscusmile 6/21 at 9:27 AM if you are not sending refund me.
No answer from him.

6/22 10: aychen222
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Joined Dec 9, 2012
Last seen 26 minutes ago

So he is holding my money and not answering my messages. Who does this? I'll tell you who, someone who is a cheat and a liar. He has seen all these messages and is ignoring me. Well when I get thru with him and his games we will see who is ignoring who.
Do not purchase from him he is unreliable and only someone with this sneaky way of cheating people out of money and KNOWING that if you pay this way, you cannot get your money back.

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