Galinthias amoena


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Correct name is Galinthias amoena.

Beautiful and aggresive little species, i breed two generations of them :)

Highly recommended.


thank you (but the name was corrected in post "17" already :unsure: )


I cannot edit the title, the title says "Hymonopodidae", but it was corrected to "Hymenopodidae" in post "1" already, by the way ;-)

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mating again



I hope the first ooths will hatch out soon <_<


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Thank you very much Gurd, I think they should start hathcing within the next weeks.

At least I hope for it




I can answer your question together with spaw's question from post#6 now:

When they hatch out they are overwhelming huge, I think because of the long neck about 1cm. This means freshly hatched they are much bigger than Phyllocrania and about 3-4 times bigger than fresh Otomantis.

And they grow incredible lot with the first molting, so as L2 they ar as big as a Hierodula L3.

They molt every 14 days, but I keep them pretty cool at about 25-27°C daytime and 23°C nighttime. They never stop eating, I have to feed every day.

I guess they just need about 5 moltings to become adult, and I know the subadult stadium lasts for about 3 weeks only. That means they hatch out with an enorm size, they eat a lot, they molt every 14 days and they just need a few moltings, all in all they are raising quickly. They are very robust and only die because of cannibalism; but like drizzt pointed out already they are pretty agressive!



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