Has anyone else noticed this?


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Sep 14, 2023
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Hi, it's been a while. My mantises have been doing excellent recently, knock on wood. But I've noticed something interesting.

Mantises kept close together molt in sync. For example, one of my p. spurca molted two days ago, and the day after one of my c. apicalis molted. I keep my bugs in this cube shelf system, and those two were in the same cube (not same enclosure don't worry!)

But, I've noticed this happening numerous times. Is this a thing? Do they produce some molting pheromone? I couldn't find any info on this online. Just curious, let me know what you think. It could be a very strange coincidence, I don't know.
ive noticed this, my hymenopus coronatus and creobroter urbanus are kept in enclosures near eachother, and they both molted within days of eachother, and now one of my indo china mantids molted a few days ago, and now my deroplatys desiccata is also preparing to molt. im not sure what it is tbh, but its very interesting
Questions this brings to my mind.
could it be they experience the same light and temperature cycles and that has something to do with it?
mantids do well to sync with the seasons of the environments they inhabit in the wild.
if different species are syncing could that mean they all use the same environmental triggers to determine how fast they should mature?
does feeding cycles have anything to do with it? maybe you have learned the art of balancing meal sizes for different species? lol

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