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Mar 2, 2024
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Southern California, United States
Hey all! I'm Jay aka mantiroonie and I'm stoked to be here. Located in Southern California! I jumped into the world of mantids after finding an adult male outside my work at night mid-January. I got along really well with him, so I named him Greenbean and took him home and spoiled him with great care! He passed just after a month, but I was semi-prepared for that because I found out through research that he was most likely in the last days of his life. Greenbean made such an impact on me; it wasn't long until I realized that I was going to own these beautiful little creatures forever! I picked up a giant Asian mantis a couple days after, who is just a lovely little beauty with red/deep pink eyes. I am very excited to see him grow!


This was my Greenbean.


This is the giant Asian mantis who is still nameless!
Greenbean is a perfect name! I bet he enjoyed his last weeks of free food and warmth! Your new guy is really cool, I love the pink eyes!
Welcome to the forum, Jay! What a fine looking fellow.
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