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Feb 15, 2024
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Been watching the forum for a bit. I refer to them as farm workers. I had two egg sacks hatch last year out of ten purchased. This year so far purchased three Chinese egg sacks and one Carolina. There is one from last year on my maple tree and I just found one in my asparagus bush, which was brought in and is next too Carolina one.
One of the Chinese ones hatched and I have a hundred nymphs munching on flightless fruit flies. Watching them is like a living MC Escher image.

I have a dozen in my tent they are working on the fruit flies, they seem happier on plants than being in a group setting in a cage

So when the weather warms up they will be turned loose in the garden. They like to eat Lantern Flies finding pairs of Lantern Fly wings tells me they are eating well.

Hello Michael,
They'll probably do better at a bigger size like sea turtles
My second egg sack hatched the Carolina mantis. They seem less aggressive than the Chinese. The Chinese mantis will not let another walk by with out taking a stance. At times it looks like it is boxing.
They are neat to watch, I have a sponge in a dish which they visit and take water. I will introduce food tomorrow. They hang at the top of the cage upside down, when they fall they land upright.
I have a number of mantis that have molted some are still dragging the old shell. Is there anything you can do? There are a number that didn't survive the molt. It is a high mortality hobby & so is life in the garden.

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