How hatch m. religiosa oothecas?


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Mar 15, 2024
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Canada, Qc
I want to hatch 5 praying mantis oothecas (mantis religiosa).

I'm planning to do it this way:

In a 32oz container with aeration on top I will use a double-sided tape to stick the ootheca the cover and put a slightly
humid paper towel on the bottom for humidity and wait for them to hatch.

Is it ok?
Don't use tape on the inside of any mantis enclosure. That is a hazard for any nymphs as they will get stuck on it. Use hot glue to glue the ootheca to the top or whatever you are putting it on. Or you could use thread to string the ooth up. Use a needle to poke a tiny hole on the edges of the ooth where there are no eggs and thread the ooth so you can hang across the container opening.

I would also mist the containers every few days. Also you might want to add a stick or excelsior wool so the nymphs have climbing surfaces once they hatch. You are making 5 separate containers I am assuming?
Yeah I do mist the containers and each ootheca has a separate one. I cut the 2 sided tape perfectly the shape of the ootheca so it's impossible for a nymph to get caught. I will post pictures of them.

Thank you

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