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For Sale Last push on rare mantis ooths


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For Sale


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Apr 30, 2022
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Hey! This is my last push before the order on Monday. Please contact me asap if you are interested. Everything is fertility guaranteed, and I am covering international shipping expenses. The only shipping you need to cover is from me to you. Here are the ooths available:

Pseudacanthops Lobipes ( 100$/ ootheca)
Stenophylla lobivertex (250$/ ootheca)
Phasmomantella Sp ( 250$/Ootheca)
Ceratomantis saussurii
(Unicorn Mantis) (50$/ ootheca)
Acromantis (50$/ootheca)
(Creobroter apicalis) (50$/ Ootheca)
Humberiella sp. (80$/ Ootheca)
Ambivia Mantis.( 80$/ Ootheca)
Sinomantis (60$/ Ootheca)
Hierodula Patellifera (60$ /ootheca)
Hierodula Pistillinota (100$/ ootheca)
D.Dessicata (80$/ ootheca)
D.Gorochovi (250$/ ootheca)
Sphodromantis sp Jordan (70$/ ootheca)

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