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Sep 4, 2023
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Portland, OR
Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew how to attract mantises to your garden or, at least, make your garden a hospitable place for them. I've read some general information(add plants that attract food for them, make lots of places to hide etc.), but nothing too specific. Has anybody been able to successfully keep native or naturalized species in their garden for multiple years and if so, how?
To attract any insects, the key is to plant a wide variety of native plants. Native shrubs and bushes would provide good shelter for a mantis. Research what grows well in your area and head to some plant sales in the spring!
Totally different question but still on the subject of mantises in gardens: I know Chinese mantises aren't necessarily great for gardens here since they are not native. I would guess that the same goes for European mantises(please correct me if I'm wrong!). I live in the Pacific Northwest and there aren't a lot of native species aside from tiny ground mantises that I cannot find for the life of me! Are there any mantises native to the Pacific Northwest(or native-ish) that would be beneficial, or at least harmless to have in a garden? I'm not sure if I will be keeping mantises indoors this year but I would love to have these wonderful creatures in my life!

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