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Aug 27, 2023
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Maine, United States.
Hi! Both of my mantis cages need their tops upgraded - one has a solid plastic top and the other has metal mesh. Definitely going to replace the plastic one with mesh but it's not a huge priority since I don't have anything going in there at the moment (and I need to figure out how to do it since it's more complicated than my potential solution for the metal mesh). There's currently nobody in the metal mesh cage as well, but my mantis will be moving in there after he molts.

Can I hot glue (or another type of glue, but I heard hot glue was the safest) a fabric mesh to the top of the enclosure below the metal mesh?
If so, is there a certain type of fabric mesh recommended?
Go to Home Depot and get some window screen patch kits. The glue on the back of them is heat activated, so you can stick them on anything using a hair dryer.
Yep. Window screen works great for me too. When I had a whole bunch of aluminum mesh lids, that’s what I used to save my babies feet (and keep tiny fruit flies in).
Thank you guys! I wasn't able to find a kit, but I bought some mesh straight up and it works great! I had used untreated mosquito mesh and it was an absolute pain to work with. I hope my little guy will like it when I move him in!
You can possibly scrounge some screening from a local window repair shop. I got a whole door's worth of metal screening (for roaches) for free from a scrapped door that was being refurbished. Amazon has nice mesh in small rolls Small mesh screen.