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Sep 4, 2023
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Portland, OR
Hi everyone. My subadult male Tenodera sinensis, the one with floppy abdomen has been showing signs of heavy premolt for almost over a week now, I've been feeding him a housefly every couple of days to ensure that he doesn't go hungry. For the past couple of days, he's been trying to molt but every time he flexes his abdomen, it flops back down making it difficult if not impossible to molt. As of right now, he is hanging on the ceiling (which is at an angle) and for once, his abdomen isn't flopping. He's been in this position, pumping his abdomen since I got up but he still hasn't broken through his old exoskeleton. I'm at a loss of what to do, I'm afraid of intervening right now because I don't want to make his situation worse but he seems to be making no progress whatsoever.
side note: he last ate two houseflies on Monday.
any help is greatly appreciated.
He molted yesterday, but he ended up with shriveled wings and a curve in each of his back legs. He doesn't seem too disabled but he does have difficulty climbing(mostly upside down). He can walk but it's a bit awkward, he kind of drags himself along when he's upright. apart from that, I cannot tell if any other damage was brought about or if his floppy abdomen was corrected or not. Does anybody have suggestions about how I should care for him? I know that it's possible to care for a mismolted mantis but I've never done it myself. I have pictures if that is helpful. Thanks in advance!


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By the way, His the end of his abdomen supposed to look like this? it never looked like this while he was a nymph.


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