Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian leaf mantis) mating


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Sep 13, 2011
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North Carolina
I manually put the Peruvian leaf mantis male on top of the female around 8 to 9 in the evening. The males don't show interest in the females, so I was lucky to have this male successfully mount and mate with the female. I was told by Insect Hype and Yen Saw that to mate this species you need to leave them together in a large cage with fake plants so that the male can hide and creep up to the female if he becomes interested in mating. It is hard to mate this species. It could be that the time of day matters for when the males become interested in mating, such as maybe early mornings or evenings.

how long do you need to wait after final molt before attempting to breed these?
I am not sure. It waited a while after the females molted to adult to make sure they were ready to mate. It could be that once molting to adult the Peruvian leaf mantis females take a longer time to mature and become receptive to mating than most other species of mantises.

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