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Jan 15, 2024
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New York
So, I recently got my first tarantula, an A. avicularia. And as it is an arboreal species, I built it an enclosure to match! But... Then I started looking at Reaper Man's enclosure. It was fine, but he only had acrylic to climb up. The plant was looking sad...


So I gave him a makeover! Still has plenty of room to molt in the front there, and now he has cork bark to climb on!
Quick update-

Reaper Man is still choosing to hang upside down at the front of the enclosure and stare out into the living room. He did, however, spend some time looking at the cork bark... Instead of climbing it.

Oh well! He seems happy and content, and now when he goes for a stroll (which he will do sometimes) he has more to put his toes on than just plastic! Besides- I think it looks excellent. Now all that's left is to wait until my jumping spider molts again, and then I have an excuse to switch up her (?) enclosure, too!
My ghost likes to hang out upside down on the top mesh as well! She'll sometimes climb the branch I have in her enclosure, but nowhere near as much as my other mantis (jewel flower) explored his cage. It's nice to give them the option for more exploring though! I think the update makes the cage look pretty cool

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