Torching Ooths.


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Apr 30, 2022
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This is a method used by many professional breeders to tell if certain ooths are fertile and about to hatch.
Torching ooths is where a breeder takes a bright light and holds it behind certain types of ooths that have a thin enough outer foam. If the nymphs are developing, the breeder should be able to see little black dots that are the nymphs eyes.
This only works with certain species tho. I’ve done it with Creobroter and Pseudocreobotra, and seen it done with Acanthops, Pseudacanthops, Ceratomantis, Childonoptera, and many more.
Clicked on this thread expecting it to be about setting them on fire :LOL: glad it's just about using light.

Interesting info nonetheless.
When I read torching ooths, I thought you meant light a fire and melt away a part of the top of the ootheca to see the nymphs. Now I realize you mean shine a falshlight under the ootheca.
I was afraid the youth of today had begun smoking and vaping mantid ooths; happy you are just poking around with a flashlight.
😳Omg. Really happy it is not that. Once I have my Ceratomantis ooths, I’ll make a different thread about the same thing with a title that doesn’t worry people before they read the tread.

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