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Mar 22, 2021
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Looking for S. limbata fresh ootheca, or nymphs or possibly adult males if not too old. I started with 1 wild caught female and she only left me 1 small ooth before she passed. I need some new blood to add to her few grand babies that are remaining.
I know your post is from a year ago but was wondering how you made out with that ooth. I’m desperately seeking an adult female. I have around 14 sub-adult and adult males. I didn’t have many females to begin with and now they’re all gone! I started with a beautiful female S. limbata last September that came home in the car with me one day. She gave me 2 ooths😁 I don’t want to lose her line - so beautiful!
I had a giant limbata ooth hatch a while ago and it took forever. I have males and females of different instars, but no adults yet. I have been selling the smaller ones for $10. The older ones would be more, I was going to keep them for breeding. I am looking for a young adult male ghost if you want to trade for a sub-adult female.
Unfortunately I don’t have any ghosts to offer you. I don’t have any ghosts period but plan on having some in the future! I’m really in need of sub-adult/adult female. Could I buy an older one from you and maybe a young m/f pair? Maybe I can slow down my males’ growth enough to make the timing work with a sub-adult female from you! When did your ooth hatch?