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Apr 30, 2022
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I lost a huge chunk of my collection. The heater in my mantis room malfunctioned and brought my mantis room to 100 degrees, killing most of my mantises. This totally sucks, but it kinda shows that mistakes and malfunctions can happen to everyone.
Thank you. It is kinda rough, but I will hopefully be able to build my collection back.
I understand the loss first hand. I was once into salt water reef specimens. I had some beautiful setups. Very expensive specimens of jelly fish and other exotic specimens. I paid $600 for some coral reef fragments. Everything was perfect. However, the apartment I was living at the time sent in exterminators unannounced while I was working. I suspected the chemicals were sucked in in my filtration units. I lost everything. I was devastated. I think I lost a couple of $1000 if not more. That's when I gave up on that project. 😕 If something similar happened to my mantid collection I'd be just as devastated.

I'm breeding a few species this year... perhaps I can help if all works out. If I'm successful, I'll share with you if needed.
Sorry to hear that. I've heard of people losing thousand in corals when a fish tank heater malfunctioned but never heard of terrestrial losses. What kind of heater was it?
Sorry for your loss. You might want to look into a temperature sensor alarm. I have a relative that does a lot of traveling with their dogs and they have one set up in their vehicle just in case the air ever kicks off and temps start to rise when they aren't there.
Oh no! I'm so sorry! I feel for you. This is a terrible tragedy! I would be very sad if something like that happened to my mantises. I hope you can build back your mantis collection. Did any survive?
What kind of heating or heater were you using?
Very sorry . I'm a big saltwater hobbyist . I hate , hate, hate , heaters .lost some very dear pets due to malfunctions. Just had my yellow boxfish nuke most of my reef tank . My reef friend lost 10k plus when they cleaned his ac air ducts. He covered the tank, but the shop vac discharged in his return sump /filtration. Killed everything.....

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