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Care Sheet Template


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Care Sheet Template

Topic must be titled with scientific name and common name (example "Phyllocrania paradoxa Ghost Mantis").


  • Scientific and common name
  • Physical description/appearance, i.e. size, color, shape, crypsis, etc.
  • Native range
  • Difficulty level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert


  • Rate of growth and factors involved
  • Longevity
  • Molting observations


  • Degree of activity
  • Degree of aggression or timidity
  • Propensity to cannibalize
  • Dynamics of threat display

Captive Environment

  • Temperature range and humidity levels
  • Type and size of enclosure(s) used.
  • Substrate or lack thereof
  • Cage furnishings, e.g. molting surfaces, perches, décor, plants, etc.
  • Communal housing if applicable


  • Feeding response
  • Type and size of prey used and/or refused for various instars
  • Quantity and frequency of feedings


  • Sexing/sexual dimorphism (explanation of physical differences and/or adult sizes of the sexes)
  • Time needed from last molt to copulation
  • Tips: give us your methodology.
  • Tips for inducing copulation and fecundity
  • Tips for inducing female to lay oothecae


  • Physical description and average size. Picture desired; include with other pictures at bottom of Care Sheet.
  • Diapause if necessary
  • Incubation time and temperature
  • Observed number/s and range of hatching nymphs


  • Health Issues: infections or illnesses encountered.
  • Additional Observations: pertinent information which doesn't neatly fit anywhere else.
  • Photos: up to five may be posted at the bottom of the completed template. Please limit these photos to no more than one of an ootheca, two of nymphs(different instars), one of an adult female, and one of an adult male.
  • Though enclosures can vary, a photo of one that has proven effective is encouraged.

Contributors: agent A, jamurfjr, Kloned, Orin, Peter Clausen, Rick, Tammy Wolfe

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