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    Few Species available

    Hi from Texas! I have an excess of a few species Popa Spurca l2-l4 ($5 each or 10 for $35) Otomantis scutigera l3-l5 ($3 each or 10 for $20) Pnigomantis medioconstricta l5-l6 ($10 each, Sexed Pairs for $18) PM if interested. I have other species available on my website
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    WANTED: Male Deroplatys lobata L4-adult

    Hello from Texas. As the title indicates, I am looking for a 1-3 male deroplatys lobata males L4-very young adults for my two girls. Willing to purchase or trade. DM me if you can help. Thanks!
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    My Collection

    and a few more...
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    My Collection

    And more...
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    My Collection

    Here are some of the species I currently keep and a few from the past.
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    Multiple Species for Sale

    Hello from Texas! I have a few species for sale. Popa Spurca (L2-L4) $5 each Hymenopus coronatus (L2-L3) $30 each or 10 for $260 Otomantis scutigera (L2-L4) $12 each or 10 for $100 Omomantis zebrata(L2) $18 each or 10 for $160. Older Mantis and Adults for sale: Omomantis zebrata Female(...
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    phyllium philippinicum

    So far good. I only had four hatch original (2females and 2males). The males molted to adult about 3 weeks ago and the females just starting reaching adult this week. Hopefully I can breed them successfully soon.
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    Let see your setups!

    The metal shelves are just shoe racks. My neighbor was going to throw them out so I asked for them. I'm not sure where she got them from.
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    Mites! Help!

    So I had a few of my male L3 orchid mantids randomly die recently and I couldnt find the cause until I saw this guy in the picture. He was weak and his body just looked dull until I took a magnifying glass to it. To my horror this poor guy is infested with some kind of parasitic mite. After...
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    Let see your setups!

    I have freshwater shrimp.
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    Wanted! sub adult or adult male Hymenopus coronatus

    Hi from Houston. I'm looking for one or more sub-adult of adult orchid mantis for my lovely ladies. I slowed my males a bit too much and I don't think they will be ready in time for my girls. Looking to purchase, but I would be happy to do a collab, exchange some of the ootheca if they mate...
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    Let see your setups!

    I love the decorations! I can see it at the top, but what species is that?
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    Let see your setups!

    Thats awesome. Where do you get those tall cylinder containers? Ive been looking for something around that size
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    Let see your setups!

    Yours is so nice. I love how you attached the nymph cups to the side of the wire shelf. Nice space saving idea.
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    Let see your setups!

    I recently moved into a new space and have been rearranging my setups. I would love to see how you guys keep your mantis. Here is mine. Its a mix of Deli cups, acrylic terrariums, aquariums, Tupperware, and wire cages for my current 12 species.